(100% Export Oriented Sweater Industry​)

JK JACQUARD LTD. is the brainchild of four young, energetic and dynamic people’s dedication, efforts and commitment towards doing something independently, doing something for the society as well as for the contribution in the economy. It is a 100% export oriented readymade sweater garment. Pullover, Cardigan, Jumper, Twin Set, Waist Coat, Vest and any other flat-knitted apparel of versatile style & design for Means, Ladies, Boys, Girls and Children's from Bangladesh. We have the unique opportunity to offer our clients products, which are in a class of their own. They are high-end, luxury items, fashionable and stylish. On the other hand, when it comes to quality, outlook and market potential, they easily compare to high-class ready-made clothing. It doesn't matter if we are manufacturing a single sweater or an order for hundreds, each one is made with meticulous attention to detail and care. Our production quality capabilities have made us the contractor of choice for many clients across the world. Our staff has extensive experience in assembling and production of sweater garments of almost every style and size. Our operators are highly skilled and ensure that each step is done to our high standards to create quality garments that will last a long time. Our purpose of production is based on export to major buyers of UK, USA, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Holland, Germany Sweden, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, and other European & Scandinavian countries of the world. We assure our buyers the quality product in competitive price and commitment for on time shipment that has enables us to draw confident to our valued buyers and classified customers. Most important of all, we are able to fill rush orders promptly and at a competitive price. The factory of the garment is situated at Trishal in Mymensing. It is registered under Companies Act 1994 as a private limited company in RJSC. The entrepreneurs of this concern are engaged with this industry directly for a long time. The experience of the industry, market and economy persuaded these people to go for establishing an own business in this field. The directors of the company have highly academic background with business experience and financially very sound. The directors of the company came from different educational background and different taste of experience. Total number of 450 personnel has been estimated to be required of which 37 manpower will be involved with general administration of the officer and 413 operative personnel for factory shed including supervisory officers and staff. The initial cost of the project is BDT 30,1,552,000 or in USD$ 30,15,520 and Annual Production Capacity is the project 800,000 units Complete sweater. Slogan of the company: Quality product and Work place safety are our priorities.

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