(100% Export Oriented Sweater Industry​)

Jacquard knitting machines are now most upgraded automated
knitting machines.

Jacquard sweater knitting machine

Jacquard knitting machines are now most upgraded automated
knitting machines.

Linking section

iron section operated by skilled labors with good number of iron sets and tables.

Experienced eye and skill combination in needed in this section. JK JACQUARD LTD.
has this combination to justify the products as per customers’ requirements.

We provide best packing service as needed to export.

We have 3 dedicated designer full time. One of them are fashion designer and two of them are graphic designer. They
support the buyer with design and development in collection.

All precautionary measures will be in place against accidents. According to the policy of the government we follow all
security measurement for our employees. Fire extinguisher, emergency exit, emergency treatment etc. will be in place.
We also train our employees to face in the time of danger in the factory premises. As per to the government policy we
promote security training session every month for our employees and management stuffs as well. A disaster recovery plan
is in process to make.

The Management of JK JACQUARD LTD. Is committed to produce and deliver its customers the best quality products
matching our buyer’s samples and specification to the best of his satisfaction. JK JACQUARD LTD. is further committed
to stay one step ahead of others of the kind explore globally to add better technology in order to improve upon the quality
standards of its products. JK JACQUARD LTD. will always strive to enhance the skills by conducting relevant training of
its workers, ensure safety at workplace, and keep the work place, and keep the work place environmentally friendly

To obtain a leading position in the Buying House sectors of Bangladesh as well as internationally
through maintaining standard quality-
• In time action;
• Clear understanding of customer’s instructions;
• Clear communication with vendors;
• Clear instructions for production;
• Strict compliance with quality control system;
• Total devotion maintains first class quality standard;
• Absolute efforts for in time shipments

The mission of JK JACQUARD LTD. is to provide quality product at reasonable price to buyers as their
requirements within the time limit and through which JK JACUARD LTD. wants to add value to the
economy of the country.

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